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Month: July 2022

Geboortecijfer Palestijnen ‘ernstige existentiële dreiging’

Washington Post publiceerde net een opiniestuk van Ronald S. Lauder, president van World Jewish Congress. Hier smeekt hij Joe Biden om iets te doen want:

“The nation faces a grave existential threat … from its own demographics. In 2020 the Arab population living between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River rose slightly above the Jewish population… This small Palestinian majority will become a significant one in a decade or two. This means that if the status quo persists and Israel continues to rule over the West Bank, it will in a relatively short time face a cruel dilemma: If it gives Palestinians full citizenship — and therefore full rights — it will no longer be Jewish. If it doesn’t do so, it will no longer be democratic. Either way, Israel, as a Jewish democratic state, will cease to exist.

No external threat is as dangerous to the Zionist enterprise as this internal one. The basic premise of Zionism is that there should be one place on earth where Jews are the majority — so that this majority can exercise its right to self-determination within a democratic framework. If the Jews do not have a solid majority in their own land, Zionism will collapse.

The emerging demographic reality and the increasingly confrontational Palestinian mind-set foretell the Palestinian demand Israel will likely soon face: one person, one vote.”