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Maand: april 2019

How Mona Eltahawy stepped on the big Dutch dick

Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy was for the Dutch a national hero as long as she fought against conservative Muslims, but became a pariah as soon as she took on the enablers of Dutch far-right conservatives. After all, the Dutch are the smartest people in the cosmos and they are always right. So who is this girl to teach them otherwise? She fights against ‘patriarchy’ and that means not only against ultra-conservative Muslims, but also against Islamophobes. Eltahawy learned about extreme anti-Islam statements during a debate in 2017 at the cultural center De Balie; she learned that the Dutch POC ‘boycott’ the center; she did not entertain the idea of becoming herself an abettor; and canceled her speech.

Mona Eltahawy is een heldin

Als door een wesp gestoken reageerde men toen de Egyptisch-Amerikaanse feministische journaliste Mona Eltahawy haar spreekbeurt in De Balie afzegde. Ze strijdt tegen ‘het patriarchaat’ en dat betekent niet alleen tegen ultraconservatieve moslims, maar ook tegen islamofoben. Eltahawy vond uit dat men extreme uitspraken deed tijdens een Islamdebat in 2017, waardoor ze zich niet wilde committeren aan het debatcentrum.